Pool Repair


It is required to keep as well as service your swimming pool’s tools as well as systems. If your tools break down it requires to be fixed.

If you feel you are having a problem, please call San Marino Pool in our service division.

If there are any type of concerns existing when the swimming pool technologies are cleaning up and also preserving your swimming pool, it will certainly be outlined on your service ticket (left after every cleansing) as well as we will certainly call you.

Our group can fix, service, upgrade, as well as keep any kind of swimming pool devices or systems:


The swimming pool filter system gets rid of natural and also not natural waste from the water in your swimming pool. It contains the filter, the skimmer, and also the drainpipe.

We can fix, change, or update your swimming pool’s filter or filtering system.


The swimming pool’s blood circulation system consists of the pump as well as pump electric motor. The swimming pool pump draws the water from your skimmer and also drainpipe and afterward distributes it by pressing it back with the returns in your swimming pool.

We can fix, change, or update your swimming pool electric motor or pump if required.


The furnace consists of any type of devices that warms your swimming pool. 2 of one of the most prominent heater are:

  • Heating units
  • Warm Pumps

We can fix, change, or update your swimming pool’s heater.


There are different swimming pool systems that can be utilized to tidy, sterilize, as well as sanitize your swimming pool. This common system utilizes chemical substances like chlorine or bromine, or a mix of chemicals as well as UV, ozone, or chlorine created ‘salt swimming pools’.

Nonetheless, lots of swimming pools are using salt to chlorine generation systems (additionally referred to as salt swimming pool systems or chlorine generator systems). Although these are modern systems and also eco-friendly, they still need some maintenance. We can fix or update your present sterilizing system.

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